Disability.gov’s Guide to Student Financial Aid

Student financial aid can come in several different forms – scholarships, grants, work-study and loans. This guide explains financial aid options for students attending or planning to attend college or career or technical school. You’ll learn about applying for federal student aid, scholarships for students with disabilities and other types of financial aid to help you pay your tuition, fees and other higher education expenses.

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The federal government awards education grants and loans to more than 14 million students every year. Many state and local government agencies, colleges and universities and corporations and religious organizations also offer financial help for students in need. Check out the sections of this guide below to learn about work-study programs, the difference between grants and loans, scholarship search tools and more. Disability.gov’s Education section also has a wide range of resources about financial aid options for students who want to continue their education after high school. In addition, we have developed this guide to connect you with programs, services, government agencies and organizations that offer scholarships, grants, loans and other types of financial aid.

For more information about financial aid, check out the following sections of “Disability.gov’s Guide to Student Financial Aid”:


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