Disability.gov’s Guide to Financial Help for Low-Income Individuals & Families

In addition to Social Security disability benefits, there are many government and nonprofit organizations that help low-income individuals and families pay for their basic needs, such as food, housing, electricity and medications. To find out which government benefits you may be eligible to receive, use the Benefit Finder on Benefits.gov.

Disability.gov’s Benefits section provides a broad range of resources to help low-income individuals and families. The December 2013 edition of the “Disability Connection” newsletter has information about “10 Things You Need to Know to Save Money.” In addition, we have developed this guide to connect you to programs, services, government agencies and organizations that can help you find financial assistance in your community.

Here are a few “quick links” to get you started:

For more information about getting financial assistance to help pay for prescription drugs, groceries and other basic needs check out the following sections of this guide:

For information on disability benefits, read “Disability.gov’s Guide to Disability Benefits.”

Note: Disability.gov cannot take applications for disability benefits or other assistance programs. You must contact the government agency or organization in charge of the program or service.


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